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18.01.2011, 02:15
hey folks!

Long time no see, but I've finnally made some chop.
almost everything is brushed except rims, bg and part of light. Over 650 layers, and hours of work.



HR WITH ZOOMS (https://dl.dropbox.com/u/4362069/silvia/SilviaZZOOMAMI.jpg)

VERY BIG - png (https://dl.dropbox.com/u/4362069/silvia/Silviapnghighest.png)

some wips, too bad I dont have all of them ;x

http://img5.imagebanana.com/img/3idif5ap/thumb/wips.jpg (http://www.imagebanana.com/view/3idif5ap/wips.jpg)

Mavra Design
18.01.2011, 02:23
Welcome aboard, brother. ;)

- Really great work. Reviewed in detail and I see very fine detail is perfect, and I can say that a great work. The same color touch, and brush marks, especially on the gorgeous weather has brought a separate alignment tool. I think for the very're more than this level. New place to get good. The professional level still now. xL

18.01.2011, 02:30
Damn! I'm really glad for this distinction!

Thanks for this and I cant wait for more comments from you ;)


18.01.2011, 03:02
Holy ****... This car looks just perfect. I love the kit, the atmosphere and the color of the car! The headlight, the podfilter, the rims and the interior suit the car perfectly. The lip under the front bumper is great and it's also a great combination of red and black. The atmosphere is totally amazing though. The car's color and its reflections look perfect on this background.
I love this chop a lot. Congratulations for promotion too. :)

K.O.D Designe-R
18.01.2011, 23:30
wow this is great............

21.01.2011, 11:11
Hmm. Really nice work. The car looks very realistic. Next to discuss the work:)

21.01.2011, 22:01
not bad :H:

25.01.2011, 20:43
amazing, love this head lights GREAT !